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Shibori partners with Australian producer Milton and King to produce the highest quality non-woven wallpaper. The base is hard-wearing, easy to install, easy to clean, and also easy to remove.

Made in Australia and available in;

10 metres x 61.5cm rolls

(33FT x 24IN rolls)

Shibori ready-to-hang, Paste-the-wall wallpaper is so easy to install, it comes individually packed in a sturdy box and is pre-trimmed and ready to go.

‘Paste-the-wall’ wall coverings use a special backing containing ‘non-woven’ or polyester fibres, which means that the wall covering is dimensionally stable and doesn’t expand when wet. Allowing the paper to be hung dry from the roll, reducing the installation time by half. No paste table is needed, there’s no soaking time, and it’s easier to cut around light switches and sockets because the paper is dry. Pasting the wall also means there is less risk of bubbling, creasing, or edge curl.

Overall, it’s a much easier product for the newcomer to paperhanging. The best adhesive to use is an all-purpose ready mix, but any good wallpaper paste will do the trick.


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