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Here you will find some of the most frequent questions we get from our costumers.

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Are your fabrics commercial grade?

Yes, we do have a selection of digitally printed commercial grade fabrics that pass the 100 000 martindale rub count tests.


Do you have outdoor fabrics?

Our digital range of Shibori fabrics are recommended for occasional outdoor use. No printed fabric should be left out in the sun 100% of the time.




Is your leather suitable for upholstery?

Yes our leather is suitable for upholstery and has been used in many commercial venues.


Do you teach how to dye leather?

Unfortunately no, we do not teach leather dyeing as it is a lengthy process that happens over many days. There is a lot of pre-treating and post treating to achieve a resist on the leather.




How long do your workshops go for?

Our workshops run for 3 hours starting at 10am and ending at 1pm


How much do your workshops cost?

Our workshops start at $160 to $190 and include everything you need but you are welcome to bring your own things from home to dye.


How do I book into your workshop?

To reserve a place in our workshops book online website link or phone 02 95600997


What do I bring to a workshop?

You can bring anything that you want to dye (preferably cotton, linen or hemp), your Paypal receipt, something to snack on, and your imagination! It’s also a good idea to bring some old shopping bags to take home any damp pieces.


Do you teach dyeing with other colours?

In the advanced class we use many other colours dyes and also give advice on colour combinations.


Can I do a workshop while pregnant:

Yes, there are no risk on doing our workshop while pregnant. During the workshop we provide you with gloves and have someone to assist you if you need.



Is your indigo natural?

We choose to use Synthetic indigo as it yields a stronger colour with a faster result.


What comes in an indigo kit?

An indigo kit includes 50 grams of Synthetic indigo powder and 160 grams of sodium hydrosulfite. Enough to make a 15 liter dye vat.


Does your kit come with instructions?

Yes. Our Indigo kit came with everything you need and all the instruction necessary to make your indigo vat.


What fabrics work best with indigo?

Natural fibres dye best with indigo, ie. cotton, linen, silk or hemp. Synthetic fibres will dye to a lighter shade and any blends will give mixed results.


Do I need anything else to make my indigo vat?

A container and water.


How long does an indigo vat last for?

Indigo is a vat dye and never runs out of pigment, to keep your vat healthy you ideally would keep it warm and covered (protected from oxygen)


Why is my indigo not green?

A healthy indigo vat should be a yellowish green colour and have a metallic scum sitting on the surface. There are many factors that can contaminate your vat, such as, the introduction of too much oxygen or contamination of other chemicals such as coating on fabrics.


How do I set my indigo?/Does my indigo require setting to stay on the fabric?

No, Indigo doesn't need to be set. There is nothing you need to do to set your indigo. If your fabric is still yielding blue you have not rinsed it enough and need to wash your piece to remove any residual indigo.


How do I prep my fabric to be dyed?

You don't need to prepare your fabric to be dyed with indigo.However if you are using new fabric or clothes washing them previously is preferably to get rid of possible coating.


Is indigo suitable for use with small children?

As many dyes indigo contains chemicals that are not suitable for consumption. While indigo is not toxic, we recommend strict supervision of children and animals around the indigo vat.


How much fabric will a dye kit dye?

If properly used there is no limit on how much fabric you can dye with your indigo kit. Indigo vat never runs clear and if proper care of it is taken it can last many months.


How do I wash my indigo fabric?

We recommend you do not use laundry liquids or powders to wash your indigo pieces as they will strip your colour and remove your “stains”. Instead we recommend you wash your pieces with dishwashing liquid which has a neutal PH level and will protect your indigo.


Can I dye with another colour?

You can use other dyes in other colours with your shibori binding but you will not achieve the same textured outcomes as you do with indigo because it is a surface dye that sits on top of the fabric.