-How to make an indigo vat

-The wonders of Indigo

-Several techniques and variations on each


-Cotton fabric to experiment with. Try all the techniques and ogle over the magic that is created with indigo.

-A white silk scarf to dye with your favourite pattern.



-Anything you want to dye (the more the merrier!)

-Comfortable non precious clothes and shoes (A splash of blue should never be sad)

-A smock or apron (just incase)

-Plastic bags to take home anything wet.

-Your imagination!

Unlock your Creativity with Indigo

Shibori Workshop & Gallery is the place to discover your unfound creativity, expand your mind with the infinite possibilities of making patterns and be fascinated by stunning effects and simplicity of dyeing with indigo.

Workshops join people, whether you come alone or in a group you will meet like-minded people and add to the energy that comes from a creative gathering.  

Shibori studio is equipped with:

Large workbenches

5 Wash basins

Inside and outside drying lines

Tools and equipment for dyeing

and is accessible to all.

Bring your friends or come and make new ones. 

There's no better way to spend a day, join the community and share the love of making things beautiful!