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Sculptural heat set shibori

The ancient Japanese art of shibori is a resist dyeing technique commonly used to decorate silk or cotton found on Obi’s and Kimonos.

The process to make these patterns involves manipulating cloth from 2D to 3D by pleating, folding or clamping whereby the bound sections create resistance from the dye resulting in a variety of desired patterns.  

Bound shibori fabric is beautiful, if not more beautiful than the flat two dimensional fabric. 

By heat setting the bound piece the fabric maintains its sculptural form resulting in an effect that is textural, tactile and literally pops creating a visually stunning effect for artworks, large scale sculptures and lighting.

Modern interpretations of heat set shibori are performed using synthetic fabrics that have thermo-plastic qualities that are permanently heated and fused into place.

The Shibori team have experimented with various resins to add the permanency to silk and other heat set base cloths that are complimentary to shibori techniques.