The gallery below showcase our Shibori leather collection.

Each piece is hand dyed and unique in its own right, we are also capable of create unique designs and colour match to any pantone colour.

Core of our ethos is creating unique pieces:

From the smallest dwelling to multi store developments, we thrive in the direct collaboration with designers and developers in order to create truly bespoke masterpieces.

Leather Catalogue

Eclipse Indigo Preview
Eclipse Indigo Free
Eclipse Charcoal Preview
Eclipse Charcoal Free
Watercolour Indigo Preview
Watercolour Indigo Free
Star Indigo Preview
Star Indigo Free
Watercolour Tan Preview
Watercolour Tan Free
Starburst Indigo Preview
Starburst Indigo Free
Stripe Olive Preview
Stripe Olive Free
Silhouette Olive Preview
Silhouette Olive Free
Mystic Olive Preview
Mystic Olive Free
Abstract Olive Preview
Abstract Olive Free
Silhouette Indigo Preview
Silhouette Indigo Free
Mystic Indigo Preview
Mystic Indigo Free
Abstract Indigo Preview
Abstract Indigo Free
Grey Star Preview
Grey Star Free
Stripe Indigo Preview
Stripe Indigo Free
Watercolour Charcoal Preview
Watercolour Charcoal Free
Stripe Charcoal Preview
Stripe Charcoal Free
Silhouette Charcoal Preview
Silhouette Charcoal Free
Mystic Charcoal Preview
Mystic Charcoal Free
Abstract Charcoal Preview
Abstract Charcoal Free
Watercolour Peach Preview
Watercolour Peach Free
Watercolour Berry Preview
Watercolour Berry Free