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Shibori, established in 2005 by Karen Davis and Pepa Martin is a Sydney based dye studio specialising in art based textiles and using fabric manipulation to explore creativity.
For over 15 years the pair has hand dyed fabrics for a diverse range of interior designers and several apparel brands, as well as designing many commercial collections of textiles, wallpaper, vinyl and leather with a complimentary collection of soft furnishings and accessories under the Shibori brand.
Karen and Pepa’s unique use of shibori and freestyle staining to create pattern is poetic and therapeutic.
Karen and Pepa have published two books Shibori Recreated, 2011 and Tie Dip Dye, 2014, and regularly teach workshops from their Stanmore Studio. The workshops add to the community and build creative confidence while ensuring the art of shibori a place in the future.
“The union of Japanese perfection and intricacy with Australian laid back carefree lifestyle is really where we are. I don’t think we were ever the colour within the lines type kids”
"OUR MISSION is to create designs that take you to your other mind.  We want people to feel the carefree mind of youth, where your imagination takes over and forces you to question the 'what if?' mentality.  We truly believe you can find your true self and be confident creating.  Whether it be through looking at our designs or taking part in a workshop, you can join the movement to find a part of yourself that you love when you lose yourself in art."


About Our Leather


Shibori studio is located in Sydney Inner West or the creative hub of Sydney.  A great space often referred to as a creative mess with large workbenches, trough sinks and a concrete floor stained with layers of previous creations.

"We see our studio as a place where people can escape the routine of everyday and feel excited to get involved. Work, for us means being comfortable in yourself and having the space and materials on hand for creativity."


Shibori collaborate with designers all over the world in different disciplines spreading a hand-dyed touch to any surface.

Offering custom designs in colours made to match Shibori custom works are available in hand-dyed or commercially printed mediums.


Shibori by Karen and Pepa takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese resist dyeing technique Shibori. 

Shibori consists of various binding, stitching and compressing techniques to form different impressions on fabric.  Within each technique, there are diverse variations making different markings to achieve the desired outcome.  It is the variations that open up the endless possibilities that come from shibori.

A typical Japanese Shibori craftsman sticks to very strict guidelines and follows meticulous recipes when producing shibori fabrics.  Typical techniques that have been seen on Kimonos and Obi's are all made by hand with each marking being produced as a result of steps of pattern design, coding with colour distinct stitch types, stenciling, stitching, dyeing, washing, unbinding and drying before being used as it's predefined outcome or use.

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30D Salisbury Road,

Stanmore  NSW 2048


0401 74 69 73 or 0414 48 48 82

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